Man behind bars after alleged online dating scams

  • 20/08/2016
Chris Wehner
Chris Wehner

Chris Wehner of Rockland, Massachusetts, was considered by women he met online as good-looking and very charming - until they got to know him better.

The 27-year-old is accused of stealing a fortune off victims he met through a singles dating website over a two-year period.

Sara Pateras says she fell for Wehner last year, before he allegedly stole US$4000 from her. She started to look into him and found a trail of broken hearts and emptied bank accounts.

"He takes all of your self-esteem away, and made you really embarrassed," says Michaela Tower, who claims Wehner stole US$28,000 from her.

"It was little bits at a time saying he needed to pay this cancer bill or this doctor bill - and he didn't have cancer."

Police finally caught up with Wehner and he is now behind bars, charged with larceny.

In Ms Tower's case, Wehner had also attached himself to her two-year-old daughter.

"I was devastated for her but kind of frightened because if he could lie about this much, what was he lying about when he was home alone with my daughter," Ms Tower said.

Police believe Wehner may have scammed at least eight women and their families.

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