Man holds dying infant while eating pizza, in video shown to court

Part of the video shown to court as evidence
Part of the video shown to court as evidence

Warning: Content may disturb some readers.

A court's been shown shocking video of a man holding a dying baby he had allegedly just fatally beaten while casually eating pizza.

Bert Franklin, 35, of Oklahoma, is charged with murdering the 19-month-old child of his lover by slamming his head into the floor.

Video that is said to have captured the horrific attack has been released and shows the dentist grabbing a slice of pizza with one hand while holding the limp body of his mistress' son in the other.

Roxanne Lewis-Randall, the baby's mother, noticed he was unresponsive after she arrived home and took him to hospital with skull fractures, where he later died.

Franklin is married to another woman and has four children of his own, one of whom has accused him of abuse in the past.

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help Ms Lewis-Randall deal with the expenses following her son's death.