Man lives in wrong house after paperwork mix-up

The flats on Willow Holme Road (Google Streetview)
The flats on Willow Holme Road (Google Streetview)

UK businessman Chris Meyer is trapped in a legal nightmare, after discovering the house he was attempting to sell is actually owned by his neighbour.

Mr Meyer bought the house in Carlisle six years earlier, but confusion over Land Registry documents means the house he is supposed to own is the one next to him.

Ten of the 15 apartment owners on Carlisle's Willow Holme Road face the same problem - and Mr Meyer isn't happy.

"The solicitor for the person buying my flat got in touch to say there was a problem. Basically, I live in number eight and thought I had bought number eight. But Land Registry documents show that I actually own number nine," he told the Carlisle News & Star.

"The man who thought he'd bought number seven actually owns my flat. It's the same for 10 of the 15 flats. It's a complete mess. Not surprisingly, my buyer pulled out. We're three years on and we seem to be no further forward."

The solicitor's firm, who provided conveyancing services on the original sale, has denied responsibility.

"We are very clear that responsibility for checking the title report was with Mr Meyer," they have said.

This is no consolation to Mr Meyer and his neighbours, who face years of paperwork and legal expenses to solve the mistake.