Man shot while playing Pokémon Go in San Francisco

  • 08/08/2016

A man in the United States has been shot dead while playing the popular mobile game Pokémon Go.

Twenty-year-old Calvin Riley was playing the game at San Francisco's waterfront when an unknown assailant shot him in the back and ran away.

"From what we know there was no confrontation," family friend John Kirby told local TV station KGO-TV. "There was nothing said back and forth. It was just senseless, just came up and shot in the back and ran away for nothing."

Mr Kirby said his friend had noticed someone watching them, but it was dark and they were mainly looking at their phones as they played the game.

National Park Service spokesman Lynn Cullivan says investigators believe there are witnesses because the shooting took place in a busy tourist area, The Guardian reports.

Sergeant Robert Jansing says the gunman did not try to rob Mr Riley in the incident.

It is unclear whether the shooting had anything to do with Pokémon Go. The game has sparked safety warnings about players being too engrossed in the game to notice their surroundings.