Moving photos show owner's final day with dying dog

  • 28/08/2016
The final photo shows the heart-breaking moment the owner says goodbye (Imgur)
The final photo shows the heart-breaking moment the owner says goodbye (Imgur)

A touching series of photos have captured the moment a woman treated her dog to a fun-filled day before taking the pet to the veterinarian to say goodbye.

The 26 photos, shared for National Dog Day in the United States, show the American pit bull terrier enjoying some of her favourite pastimes and bonding with her owner.

The series, entitled "Dogs are too amazing to let go, but sometimes it happens and they will forgive you", begins with the dog sitting in the front seat of a car with her head drooped.

"I don't know if she knows or not," the caption says.

The second image shows the dog with sad eyes looking toward the camera.

"She trusts me to make a choice, no matter how hard it might be," writes the pet owner.

The following photo shows the dog exhausted, with her head pointed back toward the road. Her eyes are closed.

"But I know she's tired."

With her head out the window, the next picture shows the dog taking in the car trip.

"The stairs are hard. The hills are mountains. The pills don't work.

"But if I have to make that choice, then let's make the last day the best one yet."

At this point the series picks up as the owner treats her dog do a day of pampering. It starts with grooming at a local pet store.

"Aroma therapy to make you relax and feel amazing too," the owner writes as the dog is seen covered in soapy suds.

The next stop on the doggie day out is McDonald's, where a cheeseburger is in order.

"One last delicious meal."

After dining, the dog then says her goodbyes to a young boy and girl, followed by an old friend - another dog.

It's then on to more pampering as she receives a pink bandana and matching pink nail polish.

"She's my pretty old girl," reads the caption.

The penultimate image shows the harrowing final ride to the vet clinic.

It is followed by the final picture, which captures the heart-breaking moment the owner says goodbye. She hugs the dog snugly as she passes away.

The post has had hundreds of thousands of views.