Mr President? No, this is MR. BREXIT!

Donald Trump, nude in New York's Union Square (Twitter/@jamesmichael)
Donald Trump, nude in New York's Union Square (Twitter/@jamesmichael)

It's perhaps Donald Trump's most enigmatic tweet yet.

"They will soon be calling me MR. BREXIT!" the Republican candidate for President of the US told his 11 million followers just after midnight Friday morning (NZ time).

Mr Trump didn't immediately follow up his prophecy with any explanation, leaving it to pundits on Twitter and elsewhere to unravel what he meant.

He later appeared on Fox News and repeated the claim, and called his campaign the "single greatest political phenomena" many had ever seen.

Mr Trump is doing poorly in the polls, which have put him between 6 and 10 points behind rival Hillary Clinton.

Polling ahead of the Brexit vote in the UK suggested the country would choose to remain a part of the European Union, but turned out to be wrong when Britons instead decided to leave by a four-point margin.

It will take a much bigger swing than that for Mr Trump to win the US election. Respected statistician and election polling expert Nate Silver's latest number-crunching has Ms Clinton with an 86.2 percent chance of winning, and well ahead in battleground states like Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania. 

Mr Trump recently revamped his campaign team, hiring conservative filmmaker and radio host Steve Bannon to run the show. His hiring has been condemned by Stuart Stevens, who ran previous candidate Mitt Romney's campaign in 2012.

"This is the bunker scene in Downfall, only the Trump crowd won't tell Hitler the truth. It's utter madness," Mr Stevens says.

"Trump is a nut, and he likes to surround himself with nuts. It's a disaster for the Republican Party."

Meanwhile, a statue has appeared in New York City's Union Square, depicting the possible future US President nude and very, very orange.

Mr President? No, this is MR. BREXIT!

Trump, nude, in New York's Union Square (Twitter/@jamesmichael)