Nice attack victim reunites with guardian angel

Nice attack victim reunites with guardian angel

A Sydney woman has been reunited with the man who saved her life after the Bastille Day attack in Nice.

Adelaide Stratton was walking with friends in the French city when a terrorist launched his truck into a crowd and opened fire, killing 85 people.

"I remember being really scared, I was lying on the ground, a stranger holding my hand, in pain, with what I knew was blood dripping down my face," she says.

That stranger was Patrick Sergent.

"There was a strange mix of emotions, both sad but very happy to see someone alive," he says.

Mr Sergent covered dead bodies with tablecloths so Ms Stratton didn't have to see them.

"He's the bravest man I have ever met," she says. "The memories of that night are mainly just him."

He checked on her every day in hospital.

Her injuries were serious - a shattered bone at the base of her skull, more than 50 stitches and a burn across her leg.

Ms Stratton's family flew to France to be at her bedside, with her boyfriend recording a video diary of her recovery.

After 15 days she was able to fly home to Sydney but she was forced to say good-bye to her hero.

"How do you say thank you to someone who saved your life?" Ms Stratton says.

But her family made sure it wasn't the last time she saw him and they were reunited - two people brought together by family this time, not terror.