Obama's heartfelt letter from fan

Obama's heartfelt letter from fan

President Barack Obama has taken to Facebook to share a heartfelt message he received, thanking him for his work towards gender equality.

Mr Obama posted the message on Saturday (NZ Time), along with his response to the young woman, named Kathleen.

He said that the White House receives thousands of letters from Americans every day, and that he reads 10 every night.

Three weeks ago, he created a new avenue for personal letters through Facebook Messenger, and the first was a message from Kathleen.

"When I was younger… I can remember many times when I disagreed with my parents' way of thinking," she wrote. "They believed that the woman is meant to stay home with the children and the man is meant to work.

"I was the opposite and I pushed those boundaries in my household often. My father told me often growing up that I should 'mind your manners and hold your tongue when speaking to a man.'

"Thank goodness I never listened," she wrote.

Kathleen thanked Mr Obama for leading new ways of thinking and changing the way America "thought and looked at the world," and that she strives to make the world a "better and more equal place like you have."

Mr Obama posted his response, in which he said, "When women succeed, America succeeds, and while we have made great progress toward gender equality, we have more work to do to upend old ways of thinking and enact lasting change."

He congratulated Kathleen on her achievements and encouraged her to continue speaking up on issues that matter to her.

The Obama administration marked Women's Equality Day on Friday by inviting businesses to pledge to address the gender pay gap.

In early August, Mr Obama published an essay in Glamour magazine in which he described the importance of feminism and called on men to fight sexism.