Orphaned moose and deer become best buds

Orphaned moose and deer become best buds

It's like something out of a Disney movie - a lonely orphaned moose has made friends with a young deer.

The baby moose was rejected by her mother before being found in a forest in south-eastern Poland and rescued.

After a cross-country journey, she now lives at an animal refuge called Dzika Ostoja. And at the refuge she's made a new friend.

"The moose lives with a deer, Kaska, that arrived to us last year and unfortunately is too tame to live in its natural habitat," says Dzika Ostoja worker Michal Kudawski.

Kaska has proven to be a helpful little buddy to the moose, now named Grazyna, helping show the other animal what and how to eat.

But there's one small problem, according to Mr Kudawski - the size difference.

"Kaska can bend to reach the meal and Grazyna has to kneel down, because her legs are too long," he says.

"But soon there will be a hanging basket with branches, so she will be able to eat like moose do."

In true Disney fashion, there may not be a very happy ending for the friends.

While Kaska can't rejoin the wild because she's too tame, the same isn't true for her moose pal - workers at the refuge hope Grazyna might be able to head back to the woods one day.