QLD couple moves back in after backyard caves in

QLD couple moves back in after backyard caves in

A Queensland couple has returned home after they were forced to evacuate when a massive sinkhole swallowed part of their backyard.

The hole grew in size reaching a peak of 13 metres in diameter. Piece by piece Lyn and Ray McKay watched as their backyard caved in.

The couple realised they were in a whole lot of trouble when the sinkhole kept growing.

"There was only a little hole around a metre big. Came out here and have been watching it ever since," says Ms McKay.

The McKays first called the water company but this wasn't an issue with the pipes - an old mineshaft collapsed.

The local council was called in to help.

"It looks like someone was exploring for coal - vertical shaft - they didn't fill it in properly. Bottles, rubbish, timber and it's now opened up," Ipswich mayor Paul Pisasale says.

The couple had only just rebuilt after flooding swamped Ipswich in 2011.

"We were hoping after that one we'd be right," Mr McKay says.

But it seems they will be right - engineers have pumped the sinkhole dry and their backyard is now looking less like a swimming pool.

And in case you're wondering, Lyn and Ray aren't planning on leaving the place they've called home for a quarter of a century.

"We're not worried about that, we're not going to sell, Mr McKay says.