Racist vandals attack Aussie mosque

  • 31/07/2016
Racist vandals attack Aussie mosque

Vandals have defaced the doorway of a mosque in Adelaide, plastering it with offensive slogans and swastikas.

The house of worship on Hogarth Rd at Elizabeth Grove in the north of the Australian city has been painted with attacks including "No Muslim", "we're full" and the number 88  a code used by neo-Nazis meaning "Heil Hitler".

Australian police have said the incident occurred sometime last week. The attack has been widely condemned as "awful" on social media.

Imran Lum's family owns the mosque, and he said on Facebook the attack hasn't intimidated them and they'll continue efforts to serve the community.

"My sisters sent me these pics of our local mosque in Adelaide last night. They've tried to set it on fire, smashed our windows with their rocks and now swastikas on the doors of our masjid."