Road rage fight in Scotland caught on helmet cam

  • 02/08/2016
Road rage
Road rage

A road fight in Scotland has been caught on camera after a driver stopped his car at a roundabout and unleashed a torrent of angry expletives at a motorcyclist.

The pair began brawling after the exchange, in front of other motorists waiting at the roundabout.

The motorcyclist calls the driver a "psychopath" as the two attack each other. The driver then pushes the rider to the ground and kicks him in the head.

A driver in another car eventually breaks up the fight, telling the men to "calm down".

"The reason I went back 'round to his side of the vehicle is because I thought he may get a weapon [sic] from his car at how enraged he was," the motorcyclist wrote on YouTube.

Police are investigating the incident, which took place on Stadium Way in Falkirk.