Science brings invisibility cloaks one step closer

Science brings invisibility cloaks one step closer

Bit by bit, magic is being stripped away and revealed by science. Except this time science isn't ruining the fun of magic - it could be helping it become real.

Harry Potter's invisibility cloak, inherited from his father and passed down from Death itself, is something many people desire. After all, who hasn't wished they could just disappear sometimes?

A team in Saudi Arabia have been looking into ways items can be hidden from light particles, sending them streaming around objects, like water around a rock in a river.

In the paper, published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society A journal on Wednesday, the team examines what it would take to deflect the particles, called photons, so they behave "as if the cloaked object were not present".

The research could also be beneficial in developing other non-invasive medical imaging devices, the researchers say.

"The results presented in this work help [make] the cloaking theory one step closer to its practical realisation for diffusive light."

One Deathly Hallow down, two more to go.