Shocking video reveals brazen thefts in Rio

  • 09/08/2016

Rio de Janeiro is living up to its reputation for crime in the first few days of the Olympics.

So far a string of visitors have reported robberies, including a Greek official who had $11,000 worth of equipment stolen, an Australian photographer who was robbed of equipment totalling $40,000, two rowing coaches robbed at knifepoint and the robbery of Australian team accommodation during a fire alarm.

The brazenness of petty crime in Rio has been encapsulated in video shared online, reportedly showing 27 robberies at one intersection in one day.

The footage was uploaded to YouTube in March 2016.

The cellphone footage, taken from a point-of-view above an intersection, shows boys closely following or swarming around people as they cross the road and grabbing at bags or belongings whenever they can.

Despite heightened security, a growing number of thefts continue to blight the international event.

Reuters / Newshub.