Sick neighbour hid cameras to film kids - police

  • 20/08/2016
Robert O'Hare
Robert O'Hare

A Florida man has been arrested over a crime described as "very shocking" by police - smuggling hidden cameras into the bedrooms of his neighbour's children.

Robert Anthony O'Hare, 54, was taken into custody in Broward County after being arrested on multiple charges stemming from an investigation that began last year.

"As far as creepiness goes, it's off the charts," says Lake County sheriff's lieutenant John Herrell.

"Knowing that [the parents'] young daughter was videotaped unclothed, in her bedroom, that's not something that's easy to grasp, really."

O'Hare had been previously arrested for downloading child pornography and is now charged with making his own.

Detectives say he installed hidden cameras in two miniature jukeboxes that were then delivered to his neighbour's home and was then able to remotely record footage of the children. The resulting videos were found in the detectives' investigation, they say.

O'Hare allegedly recorded other footage of the children using a camera with a telescopic lens from his own property and a range of other child pornography was found in his home.

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