Syrian boy Omran Daqneesh not alone

  • 19/08/2016
Omran Daqneesh (Live Updates From Syria/ITV)
Omran Daqneesh (Live Updates From Syria/ITV)

Warning: This video contains footage that may disturb some viewers.

A young boy from the Syrian city of Aleppo, who became the face of conflict in the region when images of him alone, dusty and bloodied went worldwide, has been reunited with his parents.

Omran Daqneesh is one of five children to have been injured in a bombing on Wednesday, and became a symbol of the city's suffering when the Aleppo Media Centre's footage of him in the back of an ambulance went viral.

Since then, ABC News in Australia revealed that the Omar's parents arrived soon after.

There are many frontlines in Syria's war. Omran Daqneesh's home has become one of them - attacked from the skies, it collapsed upon him.

Somehow he has survived, but at what cost?

There was no one to hold Omar's hand, and the five-year-old didn't even cry - just pats his little cheek, wipes the blood on the seat and tries to work out what has happened.

After the cameras were turned off, his parents arrived - only then did he start to cry.

It's believed his home was hit by jets that took off from a Russian base, hitting the eastern suburbs of Aleppo where anti-Assad sentiment is strong.

Watch the video for the full ITV report, with images courtesy of Live Updates From Syria.