Technology is making humans obsolete like never before


Ford has announced it will offer driverless cars by 2021, that would prefer you didn't touch anything.

Like Google's self-drive cars, they'll have no steering wheel and no brake.

It's technology that sees we humans as getting in the way - it takes us out of the equation entirely.

Like the 'connected refrigerator', which tells you when food goes bad and will re-order something when you run out of it. It's like your mum: you just eat what it tells you to.

Gmail's 'smart reply' gives you three suggestions - you just pick one. You don't have to compose a response, just poke at the screen like a lab monkey asking for kibble.

We also have technology that picks our music and tells us how to get where we want to go.

And do you even know your best friend's number? No, your phone does. You just push on their face to talk to them.

The future is coming - let's just hope we are all still a part of it.