Teen survives brain-eating bug

Sebastian DeLeon (supplied)
Sebastian DeLeon (supplied)

A Florida teenager has survived contracting a brain-eating amoeba that kills almost everyone it infects.

Sebastian DeLeon, a 16-year-old camp counselor, contracted Naegleria fowleri after taking a swim. He developed symptoms similar to meningitis and a headache so bad he couldn't stand anyone touching him.

Two days after first becoming unwell he was put into a coma and had his body temperature lowered to 33degC, preventing the deadly amoeba's spread.

A few days later Sebastian was woken up, and only hours later was talking and walking.

"God has given us a miracle for having our son back and having him full of life," his mother said. "We are so thankful for the gift of life."

Only four people in the past 50 years have survived a Naegleria fowleri infection, out of 138 reported cases.