'They tried to shoot me' - 10yo chased by cops

Legend Preston (Patisha Solomon/Facebook)
Legend Preston (Patisha Solomon/Facebook)

A United States mother is outraged and calling for action after her 10-year-old son was chased by armed police - who apparently mistook him for a 20-year-old robber.

Patisha Solomon has shared her anger over the August 11 incident in a viral Facebook post that shows a video of her son crying in fear.

Legend Preston was playing basketball when the ball rolled away towards a police car.

Legend went over to get it - only to find the police were coming at him, with weapons drawn.

Fearing for his life, Legend did the logical thing - and bolted.

"I was scared for my life," Legend told reporters.

"I was thinking that they were going to shoot me."

He was quickly surrounded by friends and neighbours who formed a human barricade to protect him from being shot.

"This is a child!" they screamed to save his life.

Police said Legend "fits the description" of a suspected armed robber - a 20-year-old man with facial hair and dreadlocks, according to Ms Solomon.

She says when she confronted police, they merely told her to file a report.

"I was yelling at the police," Ms Solomon said.

"Then one of the officers very smugly said, 'You want to make a report, go to 32 Green St.' and kept walking."

Instead, she filmed her son's reactions following the incident.

"They tried to shoot me," Legend tells his mother.

"Who tried to shoot you?" Ms Solomon asks

"The cops," Legend responds, traumatised by his brush with near-death.

He has since been diagnosed with "abnormal fear" and suffers nightmares.