Turkish military denies Syrian Kurd ceasefire

  • 31/08/2016
Kurdish peshmerga (Reuters)
Kurdish peshmerga (Reuters)

The Turkish military has not agreed to any ceasefire with Kurdish militia fighters in northern Syria, Turkish military sources say, after a Kurdish official said a truce was holding.

Separately, the Turkish foreign ministry said in a statement on Tuesday that Turkey's military operation in Syria would continue until all militant threats to Turkish security were removed.

It said comments from the United States, which is seeking a de-escalation between Turkish-backed forces and Kurdish fighters, about the target of the Turkish action were unacceptable and Ankara expected a US pledge that Kurdish fighters would remain east of the Euphrates to be fulfilled.

Meanwhile, The White House on Tuesday lauded the apparent halt in fighting between Turkish military troops and moderate Syrian rebel groups, both of which are members of the coalition fighting Islamic State militants.

"The United States welcomes the overnight calm between the Turkish military and other counter-ISIL forces in Syria," White House spokesman Josh Earnest said, using an acronym for Islamic State.

"It continues to encourage these moves as a way to prevent further hostilities and loss of life between all counter-ISIL forces operating in the area."