Two women in burkinis kicked off French beach, despite court ruling

  • 29/08/2016

Two women wearing hijabs have been ordered to leave a French beach, despite a court ruling overturning the 'burkini' ban.

The two women were preparing to enjoy a family picnic in Nice when a police boat headed towards them and told them to leave.

More than 20 French Mayors are refusing to lift the restrictions, despite a court ruling deeming them illegal.

The ban on the burkini (burka-bikini) was introduced in some French cities in July after the terror attack in Nice, when a man drove a truck into crowds of people celebrating Bastille Day. Eighty-six people were killed and 307 were injured.

The ban prevents anyone from wearing clothes that are "overtly religious in nature".

In France many religious icons and clothes are banned, including wearing the Christian cross, yarmulkes (the Jewish skullcap) and Islamic headscarves in public schools.