Video: Syrian child's song interrupted by bomb

  • 25/08/2016
Syrian girl sings before bomb explodes
Syrian girl sings before bomb explodes

One moment she's singing cheerfully, the next she's cowering in terror as a bomb explodes.

The video of a young girl in Syria is a distressing new insight into daily life for civilians trapped in the country's brutal civil war.

The 44-second video is filmed by an adult woman, presumed to be the girl's mother, who she is singing to with a big smile.

Then the explosion hits and there is panic as the girl is picked up and rushed out of the room, with the woman speaking to an off-camera man.

Who the girl is, if she was injured, and where the attack took place has not been reported, but the video is being widely shared online - her innocent expression just the latest human face of the on-going war that has devastated a country.