Wingsuit death livestreamed over Facebook

Armin Schmieder
Armin Schmieder

Warning: This video contains footage that may disturb some viewers.

A wingsuit pilot's violent death has been livestreamed to the internet after the extreme stunt went wrong.

Armin Schmieder, a 28-year-old Italian, told viewers on Facebook "today you fly with me", before leaping off a mountain near Kanderstag in Switzerland.

The video starts with Mr Schmieder preparing for the stunt for several minutes. He eventually pockets his phone and jumps, the sound of the wind all the viewers can hear for the next 25 seconds.

Then there's a scream, a thump and the sound of his body repeatedly hitting the ground.

He comes to a stop after about 10 seconds, with only the sound of cowbells remaining.

Wingsuit death livestreamed over Facebook

Armin Schmieder, before the accident (Armin Schmieder / Facebook)

Police are still investigating what went wrong.

"He was an experienced skydiver, but flew only a year with the wingsuit," a friend told Swiss newspaper Blick.