'Barefoot Bushman' Rob Bredl faces amputation after crocodile attack

  • 23/09/2016
(Bredl's Wild Farm / Facebook)
(Bredl's Wild Farm / Facebook)

Crocodile wrangler Rob Bredl, more commonly known as the 'Barefoot Bushman', may lose part of his hand after a vicious attack from one of the giant reptiles.

The 4.5-metre croc turned on the Mr Bredl as he was feeding it at his Wild Farm animal park in Queensland. It tore apart the 66-year-old's left hand and left bite marks in his leg.

"He was very lucky," paramedic Heather Shields told local media. "He said it happened on land, it was attempting to drag him to the water but he's got away before he was submerged at all."

A lot of bystanders and tourists were at the scene when paramedics arrived, Ms Shields said.

He was flown to Mackay Base Hospital by helicopter where he's had surgery and is in a stable condition.

The 'Barefoot Bushman' has worked with crocodiles and snakes for his whole life, starring in documentaries like Killer Instinct and Deadly Predators.

He boasts of having been bitten 40 times by his beloved snakes and crocodiles.