Boy in viral heroin photo living with relatives

(Ohio Police/Facebook)
(Ohio Police/Facebook)

The mother of the four-year-old Ohio boy photographed sitting in a vehicle with two passed-out heroin users says she wants him back.

The picture of the boy went viral after it was shared by Ohio police on their Facebook page.

They found the boy's grandmother and her friend slumped in the front seats, passed out after using the class-A drug.

Boy in viral heroin photo living with relatives

(Ohio Police/Facebook)

Reva McCullough, 25, works as a stripper at Tiffany's Dolls, a gentleman's club.

Ms McCullough says she "bawled for four straight days", after seeing the picture of her son with the passed out drug users.

"I want my boy back," she says.

The four-year-old boy has been raised by multiple drug addicts, while being bounced around different families as relatives fought over him in bitter custody battles.

Ms McCullough admits she herself has struggled with drug problems, including the abuse of crack cocaine and cannabis.

The father of the boy is Devon Pasek, an alleged drug dealer and user.

Ms McCullough's grandparents, concerned over her drug abuse, signed affidavits and were given custody over her son.

But because of their age, they later decided they were unable to care for him properly.

They tried to transfer custody to their daughter and son-in-law Lori and Terry Lane.

But their plan was foiled when Mr Pasek's mother, Rhonda Pasek, objected. Despite her drinking problem and diagnosed bipolar condition, she won custody.

Pasek was the women in the photo, slumped over in the front seats, and passed out after using heroin.

However, this may not be the end in the custody battles over the boy.

The boy has since been given to Pasek's neighbour Gene Kuhn - although another judge has ordered he be given to Terry and Lori Lane.

Police have since come under fire for publishing the unedited photos.

Pasek's sister has told NBC, "The city of East Liverpool humiliated my family and humiliated that little boy."