Brutal crime spree sparks state-wide manhunt in Texas

Brutal crime spree sparks state-wide manhunt in Texas

Warning: This video contains content that may disturb some viewers.

A deadly crime spree across Texas has sparked a state-wide manhunt, with police warning the person responsible is "desperate" and dangerous.

CCTV footage from a petrol station in Dallas appears to show one of Silvestre Franco-Luviano is accused of.

He shot Welton Betts Sr dead in front of his wife, while the man was getting petrol on the way home from an American Football game.

Franco-Luviano then tried to steal Mr Betts' car while his wife was still inside.

Mr Bett's brother, Kelton Bailey, paid tribute to him the next morning.

"He was a great family man, a great father, husband, brother [and] mentor. He was just everything."

Police say Franco-Luviano had shot another man, Ruben Moreno, dead before firing shots into the cars of two different people in the suburb of Cedar Hill.

After his murder of Mr Betts and attempted carjacking, he drove to another neighbourhood and broke into a house, demanding the homeowner hand over their car keys before taking off in a silver-coloured Lexus.

The car was found north of Austin, where a man was robbed at gunpoint and kidnapped before being released unharmed.

Lieutenant Colin Chenault from the Cedar Hill Police Department says Franco-Luviano is armed and dangerous.

"He's showing us how desperate he is, which is why it makes it so important that we catch this guy and catch him as quickly as we can."