Chilling video shows Aussie terror-accused with IS flag

  • 15/09/2016
Omar Al-Kutabi
Omar Al-Kutabi

Dramatic video has been shown in court in the case of two men who have admitted preparing a terrorist attack in Australia.

In the clip, 25 year-old Iraqi refugee Omar Al-Kutabi poses in front of an Islamic flag, making threats of violence.

He was being filmed by his flatmate, 27-year-old Mohammed Kiad, in a residence in the western Sydney suburb of Fairfield.

In a raid last year police discovered a sharpened machete, materials to make an explosive device.

CCTV from a camping store also shows Al-Kutabi buying a hunting knife.

The pair have pleaded guilty to preparing a terrorist act, but say it was aimed at destroying property.

Both are facing a maximum of life behind bars.