Clinton vs Trump: The numbers

Donald Trump (L) Hillary Clinton (R) (Reuters)
Donald Trump (L) Hillary Clinton (R) (Reuters)

Even if you're a complete political junkie it has been easy to get lost in the swirl of information and hype surrounding this year's US election campaign.

Here's a breakdown by the numbers.

So far, Hillary Clinton has raised far more cash than her opponent Donald Trump, taking in around US$450 million. Mr Trump, in comparison, has raised only US$140 million.

As for television coverage, that's where Mr Trump has taken the bigger haul. Data used by US media shows in the last three months, Mr Trump's been mentioned around 280,000 times, and Ms Clinton 150,000 times.

Ms Clinton's been mentioned most by the conservative Fox News, and Mr Trump the more liberal NBC.

But the number that will really count will be November's vote.

A recent poll found 55 percent of voters just don't like Ms Clinton, while 58 percent don't like Mr Trump.

So, will Americans be voting for a candidate they like, or just against the one that they don't?