Clothed invaders start naked brawl on French nudist beach

A naked lady relaxing on the beach (Getty file)
A naked lady relaxing on the beach (Getty file)

Fists and other body parts were flying on a nudist beach in France after a group of clothed males stood and stared instead of stripping off.

The group of around 10 youths invaded La Teste-de-Buch, in Arcachon, and allegedly began to pester naked females while keeping their own clothes on.

In breach of France's strict naturist rules, the group is accused of 'staring'.

Echoing the recent cases of Muslim women being forced to strip off on French beaches, the group was ordered to disrobe or be gone.

They instead chose a third option. They chose to fight.

Sand was reportedly thrown into people's eyes as the insults became more colourful with the clothed and unclothed punching each other.

Police, reportedly armed with riot gear, sped to the scene in a four-wheeler and managed to catch two of the aggressors.

There are no reports of the detainees then being forced to strip by the police, but authorities say both were released on the same day with stiff warnings.