Cool cat tricks its way into World Records

  • 10/09/2016
Cool cat tricks its way into World Records

An Australian moggy has claimed the world record for the most tricks performed by a cat in a minute.

Didga was rescued from a shelter just south of the Gold Coast four years ago and when her human companion introduced her to a skateboard, he knew he had a wheel talent on his hands.

The rescue cat from Tweed Heads has now clawed her way into the record books by performing 20 tricks in just 60 seconds.

Her owner and former Hollywood animal trainer Robert Dollwet says he couldn't be prouder.

"Not all the tricks were done on the skateboard. They were a combination of on the ground, in my hands and then onto the skateboard."

Didga's 20 tricks include high fives, jumps, rolls and 360s.

"She did it three times in a row because they wanted different camera angles... I was absolutely flawed," Mr Dollwet says.

While the domestic short-haired requires assistance to shred up the pavement, her friend Boomer has the foot work down pat.

But Boomer is yet to win a world record, with his companion claiming all the glory.

While Didga makes it look easy, it took months of practice. Both her and Boomer are hoping to make the Guinness World Record books again next year.

"At the end of the day, it's great to have the record but it's all in good fun - that was the whole reasoning behind it," Mr Dollwet says.

And he was creating a rather cool cat along the way.

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