Costa Rica powers through 2 months of clean energy

(Getty / file)
(Getty / file)

At a time when the world is being warned to wean itself off fossil fuels, Costa Rica has proven it's possible and sustainable.

The country has spent more than two consecutive months without reverting to fossil fuels for power.

Instead, hydropower provided around 80 percent of Costa Rica's power in August, with the remaining 20 percent from geothermal, wind and solar energy, the National Center for Energy Control says.

Fossil fuel-based energy was last used on June 16, meaning the entire country has been powered by just renewable resources for 76 days.

And including data from earlier in the year, all up in 2016, Costa Rica has been powered by clean energy for 150 days.

Around 4.8 million people live in Costa Rica, in an area one-fifth the size of New Zealand.

In New Zealand, around 80 percent of our electricity is generated through renewable sources, according to a report by Royal Society of New Zealand.