Dad of wakeboarding baby fights off controversy

(Tim Bryants / Instagram)
(Tim Bryants / Instagram)

The father of the world's youngest wakeboarder has defended himself amid a wave of controversy.

Parks Bryants won the title with his maiden voyage at just six months and nine days old, still too young to walk or talk.

He sailed into the record books last week during a family holiday at the Gold Coast's Runaway Bay, kitted out in a lifejacket and atop a customised wakeboard.

But since video of Parks' trip was posted online, his father, Tim, has found himself sinking in criticism from other parents.

Mr Bryants told Channel 7's Sunrise programme he was expecting some backlash, but a lot of care was taken before Parks' trip.

"[He had] lots of practice, in the backyard and the lounge room, to get to that step where he could do it on the water," he says.

Not only did they practise, but Parks had a customised wakeboard made with elastic snap-off shoes and a yoga mat at the back in case he did fall. The boat in front was only travelling at low speeds.

"Wakeboarding's a real family passion for us. Since Parks has been two weeks of age we've been on the water," Mr Bryants says.

"He's naturally progressed in terms of us being on the water and showing interest in the water, so it was just a bit of a step we decided to take."

The attention hasn't been all bad.

"Friends, family and the community here have been right behind us," he says. "It's been good."