Daughter's pain after police shoot her father


"He ain't got no gun!"

This was the cry from a woman in Charlotte, North Carolina, after learning of the fatal police shooting of her father.

In a video live-streamed to Facebook, Lyric Scott confronted police, the pain and anger clear in her voice.

"They just shot my daddy!" she shouts in anguish. "My daddy is dead!"

The deceased's identity has been revealed as Keith Lamont Scott, and his killing has sparked days of violent protests against police brutality.

Police in riot gear have battled demonstrators who have thrown stones and lit fires.

According to police Mr Scott stepped out of his vehicle holding a gun, prompting a police officer to shoot him.

Mr Scott's family claim he wasn't armed, and instead was reading a book.

"The police just shot my daddy four times for being black," Ms Scott says, as she confronts police.

"They shoot at one, they shoot at all."