Double takes for two-headed calf

Lucky the double-headed calf (WDRB)
Lucky the double-headed calf (WDRB)

An unusual calf born in the United States has been turning heads, because she's got two of them herself.

Dubbed Lucky, it's incredible the two-headed calf from Kentucky is alive, farmer Stan McCubbin told Fox-affiliate WDRB.

It's how she earned her name.

"I said she was lucky to live, and our little five-year-old, Kenley, said 'That's her name - Lucky'," says his wife, Brandy McCubbin.

But life isn't easy for the heifer calf. Of her four eyes, her middle two don't work, and she can only walk in circles.

While she can eat, both her mouths move at the same time.

Ms McCubbin says the unique calf is a blessing, and they're fortunate their children get to experience the odd little animal.

"It's something I've never seen before and I think it's amazing," says Mr McCubbin.

"I think it's something these kids will get to remember forever."