Dronesurfing: The future of summer sport

Freefly Systems drone (Freefly Systems/YouTube)
Freefly Systems drone (Freefly Systems/YouTube)

There's a new activity for Kiwi sport junkies - dronesurfing.

Washington-based company Freefly has recently shot a video of its heavy-duty ALTA 8 octocopter towing a skimboarder across the water.

The drone was originally introduced for the film industry, but has been repurposed to show its power, and fun side.

The drone pulls the person across the water at high speed, while he does tricks and carves up the water.

While it seems like the ideal summer sport, there may be a catch, as Freefly's machine will cost US$17,500.

However, as costs decrease, we can imagine the future of water sports will soon be here, and Kiwis will take to the beach to experience new high-speed thrills.