Giant anaconda stuns Brazilian construction workers

  • 26/09/2016

Construction workers at a building site in northern Brazil have been rattled by the discovery of a giant 10.5 metre-long snake weighing 400kg.

The enormous anaconda slithered out following an explosion at a cave in Altamira, Para.

Video has emerged showing the snake's gigantic body, measuring one metre in diameter, chained to a crane and lifted up, revealing its yellow spotted underside.

But many viewers were not pleased by the behaviour of the construction workers, who were criticised for not leaving the snake in its natural habitat.

It's unclear whether the snake was killed.

"I'm not sure this is real, but if it is, shame on these people for killing it!" wrote one commenter. "A snake that big has probably been alive for a very long time now, just to be killed for a few pictures? What a waste."