Global warming is brewing a caffeine catastrophe

New Zealand's coffee consumption is colossal - we're among the top coffee 20 drinkers in the world.

But that liquid pick-me-up may be under threat from global warming.

New research conducted by the Climate Institute and presented in its report A Brewing Storm, says at the current rate climate change will cut the global area suitable for coffee growth in half by 2050.

So what happens then?

Rainfall patterns and rising temperatures are already affecting coffee bean growth, which is having a major impact on countries where it's is a major export.

Climate change is expected to strain infrastructure in those countries.

Those costs will be passed on to you, while shortages will also push prices up.

Still, there are some things coffee guzzlers can do to help.

Researchers believe consumers should drink fair trade coffee, or a product that rewards the grower. This way communities where coffee beans are grown can prepare for the effects of global warming.