Google self-driving car crash in US

  • 25/09/2016
Google car crash (CBS)
Google car crash (CBS)

A Google self-driving car was filmed being towed away after a crash with another vehicle in Mountain View, California on Friday (local time).

Although the collision left a Lexus SUV badly damaged, nobody was hospitalised - but a Google spokesperson says the driver of the Google car did end up going to the hospital with a sore neck.

The tech giant also says its self-driving car was not at fault. A spokesperson said the autonomous car was hit by another vehicle that ran a red light and slammed into its side.

The Google car was in self-driving mode with a person sitting at the steering wheel. It began to brake as the other car approached it, then the human hit the brakes, but it was too late.

Rental car driver James Allen, who filmed the Google car being towed away, says he often sees the autonomous cars on his way to work.

"I've never seen one in an accident and I see at least 30 to 40 a day. They're very good cars. That's why I was so shocked," he said.

Just this week the US government issued new rules on self-driving cars; the policy set up a 15-point safety assessment for cars on the road and clarified performance standards.

Google says its self-driving cars have logged 2 million miles (3.22km). The company has been involved in about two dozen accidents, but were only at fault in one.

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