Iraqi refugee camp leaves Ewan McGregor in tears

  • 03/08/2016
Iraqi refugee camp leaves Ewan McGregor in tears

The actor Ewan McGregor, made famous by movies like Trainspotting and Star Wars, found himself in tears during a visit to a refugee camp in Northern Iraq.

He was there to observe the plight of people who have survived bomb attacks, homelessness, hunger and fear.

Slowly but surely, the battle against terrorist group the Islamic State (IS) is making progress, both in Syria and in Iraq, but at some cost.

The appalling suffering of civilians in Syria is well documented. Less well known is the humanitarian crisis evolving right now in Northern Iraq. With Iraqi forces advancing on the city of Mosul, an IS stronghold, people are being forced to flee the fighting in their tens of thousands.

McGregor went to one already overcrowded refugee camp at Debaga near Erbil. It's currently sheltering around 30,000 people, but with fighting intensifying it's feared many more will soon arrive.

McGregor himself turned news reporter, and filed a report for ITV News.

Watch the video for the full report.