Kim Jong-Un outlaws sarcasm in North Korea

  • 09/09/2016
Kim Jong-Un laughs alongside senior officials (AAP)
Kim Jong-Un laughs alongside senior officials (AAP)

Reports from a number of Asian media outlets suggest dictator Kim Jong-Un has imposed a ban on sarcasm throughout North Korea.

The prohibition comes as part of a new set of rules that forbid people from criticising the country's totalitarian government or Jong-Un himself.

It is thought that some scornful expressions have been doing the rounds in the small Asian nation, including 'This is all America's fault' and 'A fool who cannot see the outside world' - both of which are said mockingly in reference to Kim Jong-Un.

As a result, sarcasm has been banned in everyday conversations - and the 32-year-old leader is believed to have introduced the new legislation in a series of community meetings run by state security officials.

The meetings largely consisted of locals being cautioned of the dangers of making fun of the government, reports say.

The ban follows a recent rise in derision and public acts of dissent by North Koreans toward Kim Jong-Un and his regime.