List of demands reveals NSW's 'pampered prisoners'

  • 06/09/2016
List of demands reveals NSW's 'pampered prisoners'

Time inside one of Australia's toughest prisons doesn't mean the most hardened criminals have a life without luxuries.

A secret list obtained by Seven News includes TVs in cells, laptops and even personal barbecues - pampering for prisoners that has infuriated their victims.

Goulburn Correctional Centre is home to some of Australia's most notorious criminals, including a long list of alleged terrorists. But behind the walls, prisoners live in stainless steel and concrete cells.

The list includes many outrageous demands, paid for by the Australian taxpayer.

Over the past year, requests for laptop computers by seven inmates have been granted. Televisions inside cells are the new norm, and up to 10 personal barbecues.

Dry cleaning is being dished out to inmates who want their prison greens pressed and preened.

Extended visits are allowed, and one inmate requested a CD for French lessons.

"I have a real concern with these types of privileges," says Victims of Crime Assistance League's Howard Brown. "The first question I ask is why would you be giving people French lessons? Is this so that they can communicate with ISIS terrorists over in France?

"To be it just seems absolutely perverse."

Before factoring in the special treats and luxuries given to supermax prisoners, it already costs around AU$800 a night or AU$300,000 a year to house a supermax inmate. That's more than four times the average prisoner.

Jail boss Peter Severin refused to comment on the list of luxuries, instead releasing a statement claiming "not all requests are approved".

The explanations were left to the minister.

"Education is a really important part of the rehabilitation process, so whether an inmate wants to improve their English lessons or learn a second language, I think that is a really important part of the rehabilitation process," says Minister for Corrections David Elliott.

"Does [convicted murderer] Roger Rogerson want to be able to say 'mon Dieu'?" says Mr Brown.

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