Marijuana farm found at daycare centre

  • 07/09/2016
The daycare centre's playground
The daycare centre's playground

A daycare centre in Connecticut has been shut down after more than $1 million of marijuana plants were discovered in its backyard.

Childcare inspectors in West Haven called the police after they were denied access to a segment of the backyard cut off by a tall wooden fence.

It was then that police discovered around 600 plants, some up to three metres tall, and neighbours say they didn't suspect a thing.

Marijuana farm found at daycare centre

The fence blocking views of the marijuana plantation (CBS News)

"This is a pretty quiet street," Greg Smith told The New Haven Register.

"We're all working families, and our kids went to school together. It's just not heard of on this street."

"We did see a big fence being made… it was kind of odd but people do weird things," another neighbour told CBS News.

The daycare's licence has been suspended. No arrests have been made yet.