McDonalds releases choc-pumpkin fries in Japan

  • 30/09/2016
A customer trying the new flavour of fries (Reuters)
A customer trying the new flavour of fries (Reuters)

For those who can't get enough of pumpkin-flavoured treats during Halloween, McDonald's is offering french fries covered in pumpkin and chocolate sauce.

Sadly the seasonal treat won't be available in New Zealand, the new menu item will only be sold in Japan.

The fast-food chain came up with the "Halloween Choco Potato" to mark its 45th anniversary in Japan, where trick-or-treaters enjoy pumpkin-spiced food and beverages to celebrate the October holiday.

"The flavours of pumpkin and chocolate went unexpectedly well and it was quite tasty," Ayano Ishikama, 22, said after sampling the fries at one of the chain's restaurants in Tokyo.