Muslim woman shouts down far-right campaigner at Perth uni

  • 22/09/2016
Muslim woman yells at man at Australian university campus
Muslim woman yells at man at Australian university campus

An ugly confrontation between a Muslim woman and a Pauline Hanson supporter at a Perth university has been caught on camera.

The supporter, who WA Today has identified as notorious far-right figure Dennis Huts, films as the scarfed woman berates him and tells him to get off the campus.

"'You have no right to be on this campus," the woman screams.

"He is a proto-fascist...He has no right to be here. All he wants to do is demonise Muslims.

"Muslims have had enough. Get off this campus, you're not welcome here."

Huts, who was wearing a Pauline Hanson t-shirt at the time of the argument, claimed he had an appointment at the university.

He has a history of blogging anti-Islamic messages and once entered a a Muslim prayer room on the campus without being invited.

He has also been accused of planting a pig's head in a toilet nearby.

WA Today said in its report Huts and other members of his right-wing group often orchestrate incidents like the one at Curtin University to then upload them onto YouTube and their Facebook page in an attempt to win support.