Mystery grows over Tromp family disappearance

The Tromps (Newshub.)
The Tromps (Newshub.)

The children of the Australian berry farmer who disappeared five days ago are still struggling to explain what happened.

Mark Tromp was found safe and well last night after separating from his wife and three children in strange circumstances.

The ending is just as bizarre as the beginning. Five days after Mark Tromp disappeared he turned up, 230 kilometres away from home.

"He was found walking into the police station," says his son, Mitchell Tromp. "I was just jumping for joy knowing my dad is okay."

The 51-year-old separated from his wife and three children after they fled their home on Monday in what police have described as a state of paranoia, leaving their phones and bank cards behind.

"It was tough to see your family like that; I've never seen anyone like it," says Mitchell.

A day later in the New South Wales town of Yass, Mitchell left the family, catching the train home.

Later that day the two daughters, Riana and Ella, also left. Ella drove herself home while Riana was discovered in the back of a man's ute.

She's now in a mental health clinic along with their mother, who was found wandering the streets on Thursday.

What prompted the family to flee remains a mystery.

"It is very confusing; I still feel confused. I think our states of mind weren't in the best place and it's hard to explain, but yeah it's bizarre," says Ella.

The family is just relieved to have their dad home on Father's Day.

They're looking forward to life returning to normal, even if what triggered the strange events they've just left behind remains a mystery.