'Outpouring of love' as students sing to teacher battling cancer

Cancer teacher
Cancer teacher

In a moving moment, the entire student body of a United States school drove to the house of a teacher battling cancer and sang to him.

Ben Ellis worked at the Christ Presbyterian Academy in Nashville, and his teaching touched hundreds of students' lives.

In the video, posted to Facebook, the visibly gaunt teacher sits at the window, while down below the students sing a hymn.

Summoning his energy, and filled with emotion, Mr Ellis softly sings along.

One commenter on the post explained why the students did it.

"Our children attend CPA and my high schooler loves Mr Ellis. He was her Latin teacher for two years. We all love Mr Ellis and his precious family. The kids were giving back to him some of the love he has given to them," they said.

"It was a powerful and moving outpouring of love that our students were able to bestow upon a man who loves us well."

Others praised the students for their selfless actions.

"This was a spur-of-the-moment decision to go. Students were in the middle of class, some taking quizzes and tests, and dropped everything for a bigger lesson on life, love, community, compassion," said another.