Pippa Middleton's iCloud hacked, photos stolen

Pippa Middlton and Prince Harry (Reuters)
Pippa Middlton and Prince Harry (Reuters)

It's the latest in a series of high profile hacks, but this one is of a more royal nature.

Pippa Middleton, the sister of Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, has had her iCloud account hacked.

It is understood that up to 3000 personal images have been stolen, including photos of the young Prince George and Princess Charlotte, as well as images of private events that Ms Middleton has attended.

The hacker also alleges that they have 'intimate' photos of Ms Middleton, and photos of her fiancée naked.

While it is unknown who is responsible for the invasion, representatives for Ms Middleton have issued a statement that confirms the cyber-attack as well as allegations that the hackers are trying to sell the private images for a high sum.

Reporters in the UK are said to have been contacted by an anonymous seller via WhatsApp, who has offered to sell the images.

The hack follows the news that over 500 million people had their Yahoo accounts compromised in an attack back in 2014, with details such as names, email addresses and telephone numbers being stolen.

An attack against other high profile figures, such as actress Jennifer Lawrence and model Kate Upton, also took place in 2014.

Apple is yet to respond to the latest attack.