President Bush might back Clinton

George HW Bush (Getty)
George HW Bush (Getty)

Former Republican President George HW Bush is reportedly set to defect to the Democrats and vote for Hillary Clinton.

The claim comes from the niece of another former President, John F Kennedy.

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, who uses the name Kathleen Hartington, uploaded a photo of her and Mr Bush to Facebook, saying: "The President told me he's voting for Hillary!!"

President Bush might back Clinton


But the Bush family is staying tight-lipped, with spokesman Jim McGrath saying it'll be a "private vote".

"The vote President Bush will cast as a private citizen in some 50 days will be just that: a private vote cast in 50 days. He is not commenting on the presidential race in the interim," he told The Guardian.

No one from the Bush family has publicly endorsed the Republican candidate Donald Trump or anyone else, though they did help with John Ellis "Jeb" Bush Sr's failed primary campaign.

In May, Mr McGrath told The Guardian George Bush Sr "naturally did a few things to help Jeb, but those were the exceptions that proved the rule".

Ms Clinton and Mr Trump will go head-to-head in the first presidential debate on September 26.

Americans will finally go to the polls on November 8.