Queensland couple shocked by car surfing snake

Car snake (Supplied)
Car snake (Supplied)

A Queensland couple got the shock of their lives after a hitchhiking snake crawled out of their vehicle's engine and slithered across the windscreen.

They were driving through Mackay on September 11 when the frightening incident was caught on camera.

In the video, the common green snake can be seen making its way up the bonnet, waving in the wind and causing the women passenger to shriek.

She gibbers in terror as the snake writhes against the windscreen.

"Oh baby, it's going to get up here," she screeches.

However, things only get worse, as the snake seeks higher ground and tries to enter through the driver's side window.

"Holy hell, he's gonna try and get in," she yelps.

However, the driver isn't sympathetic to her panic.

"Babe, shut the f*** up, I'm driving," he says.

They reportedly soon pulled over, and let the snake slither away.