Real talk: The device translating any language

Real talk: The device translating any language

Ever wished there was a device that allowed you to understand foreign languages?

Well now there is, bringing The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy's famous 'Babel fish' to reality.

American company Waverly Labs has designed a new real-time smart earpiece translator called 'Pilot', which claims to take the difficulty out of understanding foreign languages.

After a slight delay, the earbud allows the wearer to hear a basic translation of multiple languages into their native tongue, allowing two people who speak two different languages to communicate freely.

It's designed for an international traveller to function completely offline.

The earbud works in conjuction with a mobile app. It downloads language packs and toggles the language within the earpiece, but translation doesn't require an internet connection to work.

Waverly Labs won't begin distributing Pilot until mid-2017 but you can reserve a pair online at a cost of NZ$160.